The opening of submission to The Journal of Engaged Pedagogy is after Nov 1st, the submission is closed on the 25h Dec.

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Submission Guidelines
(Revised on June 1, 2014)

Editorial Policy
   The Journal of Engaged Pedagogy invites submissions in specified categories such as practical and theoretical articles, research reports, practical reports, essays, book reviews, and main purports of presentations at conferences of the Engaged Pedagogy Association (EPA), whose contents are consistent with the objectives of EPA.

  Full-length articles in Japanese is about 8 pages in length (12,000 letters), and full-length articles in English is about 4,000 words, including references, notes, tables, and figures.

   The electronic files in MS Word format  (both File A and File B described below) using the designated templates must be submitted (refer to the designated template).
   File A: The title, full name, affiliation or profession must be specified in the first page (in boldface and centered alignment). Refer to the designated template specifying the layout and the letters of points on the first page.
   File B: The same as the File A, without the full name and affiliation. The name of the creator must be deleted.
   As for the page setup, both the top and bottom margin widths must be 28 mms, and both the right and left margin widths must be 27 mms.

   All submissions must be typed laterally on A4 paper. Japanese manuscripts must be written using Ming-style of nine points, and their setups must be 34 lines per page. In the case of English manuscripts, use Times New Roman of 11 points, and the setups must be 34 lines per page, which are also applicable to manuscripts in languages other than English or Japanese.

   As far as the style of articles in English is concerned, the Journal of Engaged Pedagogy follows the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association(available from the website <>). 

Submission procedure
   Materials should be sent to The Editorial Board as an e-mail attachment. Be sure to include the following information:


1. Contact information: the author’s full name, affiliated organ/ occupation, full address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.


2. English and Japanese translation of the title.


3. Classification: classification of categories of submissions is supposed to be made by The Editorial Board.


4. Areas of research or practices: state simply and these are not to be printed.

Review Procedures
   All manuscripts are first reviewed by the Editorial Board to insure that they comply with Guidelines of The Journal of the Engaged Pedagogy. Those considered for publication are reviewed and authors are given feedback by at least two readers.

   Authors will be notified of acceptance by the early of February. The editors reserve the right to accept or reject articles and to make final editorial changes to accepted manuscripts as a condition of publication.

Posting Fee (Apportionment of expenses)
   Expenses for publishing journals are supposed to be partially covered by contributors. Please pay the fees, if accepted.
Regular member (full-timers): 6,000 Yen
Regular member (part-timers) or Student member (postgraduates): 3,000Yen
Student member (undergraduates): Free of charge


   The authorship of manuscripts published in the Journal of Engaged Pedagogy belongs to the contributors (original authors), and the right to edit and to publish The Journal of Engaged Pedagogy belongs to The Engaged Pedagogy Association. The contents of the journals are supposed to be sent to NII (National Institute of Informatics)-ELS. The right of duplication belongs to The Engaged Pedagogy Association.

Points to note
   Papers submitted to The Journal of The Engaged Pedagogy must not have been previously published, not should they be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Submitted manuscripts are supposed to be printed without proof readings. In case suggestions for improvement are made after screening, resubmission is required. However, no change of content is allowed after the decision making of acceptance is made.


   December 25th.


   Please send submissions to The Editorial Board: e-mail: