A message from the Founding President

Welcome everyone to the new Engaged Pedagogy Association. Our group includes teachers, translators, students and people bring eclectic lifestyles from all over the world.

   We share a common vision that teaching and learning are constantly interchanging processes, that we can use our study for not just communication but as a tool of resisting illegitimate authority. Borrowing from feminist pedagogue bell hooks, we are teaching in from the margins and will soon meet to define a new middle, a more tolerant, diverse mainstream that flows into the ocean of peace and respect.

   We are creating a new biocracy and hope all of you will join us in the construction.EPA publishes a journal, The Journal of Engaged Pedagogy and is one of the sponsors of the Peace as a Global Language II Conference.

   We wish to work together with other groups whose purpose is similar to ours in the interest of raising consciousness, changing educational themes and methods and building a community of practice around our common goals. See you in the discussion room!


Barbara Summerhawk