Call for paper of the EPA 11th annual convention;

will be held on Saturday June 1st 2013 from 10:00 to 16:30. at Daito Bunnka Kaikan Hall (Tobu nerima).

Presentations (10 mins) will be held in the morning . The plenary/workshop with all presenters will be held in the afternoon.

Fee: free [member / non member]

Please register at:年次大会/

Presentation will be accpepted till May 11th with its tittle and the summary in Japanese 300 letters or English 80 words.

Participants are welcome to register till May 29th.

Please also register at:年次大会/



The EPA 9th annual convention

will be held on Sunday July 3rd from 11:00 to 16:30. at Daito Bunnka Kaikan (Tobu nerima).

Three sub sessions will be held in the morning. The poster will be displayed from 10:30 and the poster session will be held during lunch time and the plenary will be held at 404 from 14:00 to 16:30.

Fee: 500 yen



[401] Foreign Language Learning:

"Teaching Domestic Violence in college classes - caring and understanding of the students" Midori, Ikehashi

"Multicultural education in Japan and the U.S. — case study on support system for high school students" Hiromi Kobayasi

"Raising university students' political consciousness through discussion-based classes" Darrell Moen

"The newspaper satirical cartoons reflecting the society" "English newspapers in education focusing on 3.11" Toshihiro Yamanish

"The Scope and Sequence of an Undergraduate Introductory Peace Studies Curriculum" James Short


[403] Nuclear power plant disaster and radiation:

"Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster and risks from radiation exposure" Shinya Kawane

"Dealing with human-caused cancer globally using a simple and easy method of measuring pollution" Kazuo Amaya

"The molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis and controlling environmental factors to cure cancer caused by radio activity" Kazuo Amaya


[404] Community:

"Social work through personal supervision, preventive social work in the community" Chiyo Yosida

"Collaborative internship for university students at local NPOs - the role of engagement in reform and innovation in the public sector" Motohiko Nagaoka

"Fostering local commitment by ESD; education for sustainable development and Welfare Education" Motohiko Nagaoka

"Re-thinking education for ‘competence to live’ - a critique of school" Takashi Watanabe

"Learning from my experience from school infirmary" Mayumi Hosi

"Possibilities for a community design learning" Mayumi Izumi



                  in the form


The 8th EPA, Engaged Pedagogy Association annual conference


Date & Time: Sunday, June 27th, 2010, 10:30-17:00

Place: Diato Bunka Kaikan, Itabashi, Tokyo

(5 min walk from Tobu-Nerima Station on Tobu Tojo Line)

Fee: Free for everyone

Time Schedule

10:30 - 11:00 Presentations by EPA members and others

11:00 - 11:30 Presentations by EPA members and others

11:30 - 12:00 Presentations by EPA members and others

13:00 - 16:30 Expressive Learning & Arts Workshop Festival

16:30 - 17:00 Annual General Meeting


*-*-*- Call for Papers -*-*-*

Please send the following to <>

by June 12, 2010. Put EPA at the top of your subject line.


1 Name(s):

    Contact (Tel/Fax):


2 Title of presentation:


3 Language of presentation: (Check one of them)

( )Japanese
( )English
( )Bilingual of Japanese and English

4 Type of presentation: (Check one of them)

(  )Case Study or Classroom Practice followed by Q and A

(  )Research or Lecture followed by Q and A

(  )Other- please specify (                                                                            )

5 Equipment needed: (If any)


*Be sure to be prepared to present in any slot in the morning of June 27th. 

 Each time slot is 30 min including the Q & A session.

**Please send the above to <>

 by June 12, 2010. Put EPA at the top of your subject line.



We invite progressive ideas in teaching, researches, or in socialactivities and so forth. Students, NGO activists and other citizensinterested in innovating education are welcome as well as educators.

The relevant contents of the presentation are

* Classroom experience which tries to create new relationship between students and teachers

* Global issues such as peace, human rights, health, and the environment

* Intercultural and multicultural understanding

* Practice with gender perspective and tries to empower the minorities

* Media literacy / Critical pedagogy